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Looking for an attorney can be a very overwhelming process. After discussing my case with Alex and Diana, I was confident I was in good hands. Alex and Diana possess all of the qualities you would look for in an attorney - detail oriented, very communicative, knowledgeable, analytical, and an expert in their field. For anyone looking for representation, I highly recommend Accident Fighters. Thank you!

Dannielle C.

When you hire Accident Fighters you aren't getting just one great attorney, you're getting three. That means several sets of eyes to work on your case's strategies and spot potential issues. Diana and Alex are incredibly smart attorneys and are licensed to practice in multiple states. They are hardworking and will take calls and work on your case even when they are traveling. They clearly care about their clients. I highly recommend hiring Accident Fighters.

Banu K.

Attorneys Alex and Diana have performed exemplary in every legal undertaking I have brought to them. They exude professionalism, command of the law, all the while taking the time to make a human connection. I definitely recommend reaching out to Alex and Diana for all your legal needs!

Chris P.

Alex and his team will fight for you! They're awesome! I can't recommend them enough. I had a pretty challenging case but they helped me with everything. I had a lot of questions and they were answered quickly and efficiently. Thank you Alex for sticking with me through thick and thin. Your company is amazing.

Killo K.

I tried handling this case myself, but after almost 2 years and lots of proof, the insurance company blamed me for the injuries we suffered. That was when I knew it was time to bring in the pros - Alex and Diana and their team at Accident Fighters exceeded my expectations. When the insurance company pointed the finger at us, this team turned the tables and shortly after, they went from offering ZERO to a very favorable amount in our pocket, we were extremely happy!!

Brian H.

Working with this team has been great. They will take great care of you and provide you the support you need during your case. They care about you and getting you and your property fixed and healthy and as their name states, they will fight for you to get what you deserve.

My patients have had great success and I am am happy to continue helping people with them all!

Robert G.

A few months ago I was involved in a hit and run waiting at a red light. In pain and with no knowledge of what to do, I was referred to Accident Fighters.
This being the first time I ever had a lawyer for an accident, I was afraid of what the outcome could be. However, Alex and his team are amazing! They assured me everything would be okay and helped me in my healing process always accommodating my schedule and always answering any inquires I had.
I feel 100% again with no pain and that's all I wanted! If you want results look no further. They will get you a great settlement and get you feeling like yourself again. Highly recommend them!
Thank you Alex for everything!

Alex S.

Accidents are horrible! But when you get a call from a family member or friend like I did, and they are in a panic, stressed out and worried about their injuries, passengers, insurance and car, it can be really stressful as well. I was trying to focus on my work and kept thinking, are they in good hands? Is this the right law office? I could not be happier, as my friends have been very, very happy with the attention, the process and of course the big, fat check they received at the end of the process. They said it was stress-free and while the accident was horrible, the road to recovery with Accident Fighters was terrific and smooth. Thank you, Alex, Diana and your team, for confirming I made the right decision! I would strongly recommend you in the future!! Great job!

Wendy M.

My brother hired Accident Fighters to handle his car accident and they did an absolutely outstanding job. My brother ended up with a $100k settlement and was extremely happy. The attorneys at Accident Fighters are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly determined to get you the best settlement possible for your case. Highly recommended!

Daniel H.

Alex and Diana were very sincere when taking on my car accident law suit. After our initial consultation, They' followed up making sure that I was ok, and we're very quick with setting up my case. They made sure that I was getting the best care, and took care of all details...
I highly recommend Alex and Diana & Accident Fighters!

Hap K.

Great personal injury firm. Hands on, efficient, and knowledgeable about the process. I would definitely recommend using them for personal injury and similar civil matters.

Kathrine A.

Recommended by a friend and couldn't be happier. Practical, easy and knowledgeable. Alex went above and beyond to make sure he did everything he could to help me out. Highly recommend!

Aric M.