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How do people contract rabies, and what impact can it have on your life?

One of the biggest fears that people have when interacting with animals such as dogs is that they’ll bite them. While many worry about the potential damage an aggressive dog’s puncture wound can cause, few people concern themselves with rabies and the danger it poses to them. There are signs that you can look for to determine if a dog might have this condition.

While humans can contract rabies through an animal bite, there are other ways in which they may acquire this life-threatening neurological condition. It’s important to know how it can be transmitted and the steps you can take to potentially save your life following exposure.

How is rabies transmitted?

Besides bites, people can also contract this illness from coming in contact with an infected animal’s saliva or tissue from it nervous or brain or nervous system. Scientific research hasn’t yet shown that one can contract this debilitating illness by coming in close contact with an infected animal’s feces, urine or blood, though.

There is a possibility of someone contracting aerosolized rabies via the inhalation of exposed tissue. However, this is most common among laboratory workers rather than the general public.

Someone can contract rabies via the implantation of infected tissue as well. Rabies otherwise doesn’t appear to be transmissible from one person to another. The rabies virus becomes noninfectious once it dries out or gains exposure to the sunshine.

Why is it important that you know about rabies transmission?

Most jurisdictions, including some Los Angeles neighborhoods, have strict liability ordinances in place. These allow individuals bitten by dogs to hold its owner liable for medical and other incident-related costs they incur in an attack, regardless of whether authorities have previously cited the dog for aggression or not.

Someone who contracts rabies may experience rapid neurological degeneration resulting in death if they don’t seek medical attention early on after contracting this virus. The treatment that you receive that may save your life can be grueling. An attorney can help you determine liability and help you file a lawsuit against a negligent dog or property owner for damages in your case.