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We Help Injured Pedestrians And Bicyclists Fight Back

There is no easy way to get around in Southern California without a motor vehicle because our infrastructure was designed to suit cars and trucks. But bicyclists and pedestrians do have rights, including the right to travel safely. When those rights are violated by negligent and inattentive drivers, litigation is often appropriate and necessary.

Accident Fighters, APC, is a law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims seek justice. We are so dedicated, in fact, that we often take cases that other firms may turn down because they don’t involve catastrophic injuries. We believe that nearly every victim deserves their day in court, and we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial if the at-fault parties refuse to offer a reasonable settlement.

Bigger Vehicles And Faster Speeds Increase Injuries And Deaths

To many observers, it feels like being a pedestrian or bicyclist is more dangerous than it used to be, and that’s because it is. Larger vehicles like SUVs have exploded in popularity. The extra weight and height of these vehicles mean that they strike harder and higher on the body, increasing the severity of injuries and the risk of death.

Motorists are also driving faster and more distracted than ever before, further increasing the danger to everyone else on the road. Pedestrians and bicyclists are already the most vulnerable travelers, which means they are the most likely victims to suffer the serious consequences of driver negligence.

Investigating Your Accident And Assessing Damage

Thankfully, streets and intersections are now commonly monitored by cameras nearly all the time. When a serious or fatal accident occurs, these cameras provide valuable evidence to show what happened and why. In many cases, they show that drivers failed to keep a lookout or failed to yield the right of way.

Our attorneys will fully investigate the cause of and contributing factors to your accident, and we can also help you accurately document the extent of your injuries. In addition to broken bones, cuts and bruises, bicyclists and pedestrians can suffer injuries that are less obvious yet more serious. These include whiplash, soft-tissue injuries, traumatic brain injuries and damage to internal organs.

With each client, our goal is to fully investigate all the harms you’ve suffered and seek compensation and justice in full from the at-fault parties.

Our Attorneys Are Here To Listen And To Help

Accident Fighters, APC, is pleased to offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients, either remotely (via telephone or internet) or in-person at one of our three offices in Los Angeles County. To schedule your consultation with personal injury attorneys who listen and care, call us at 855-646-4878 or fill out our online contact form.