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Injured During An Uber Or Lyft Ride? Our Attorneys Can Help.

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are a relatively new model of commercial transportation, and their immediate popularity led to regulatory and liability issues from day one. Local/state governments are now enacting regulations, and numerous personal injury lawsuits have begun to build legal precedents, but many injury attorneys shy away from these types of cases because they do not understand this new legal territory.

At Accident Fighters, APC, we have the experience and knowledge you need when pursuing rideshare accident litigation. We have kept up to date on all legal, insurance and regulatory matters related to rideshare services, and we aggressively advocate for victims who have been injured in rideshare accidents.

Insurance Disputes Are Common – Victims Often Caught In The Middle

Rideshare companies typically require drivers to carry an individual insurance policy (which doesn’t always cover commercial driving services) in addition to the rideshare company’s supplemental insurance policy. The other driver in the accident is also likely to be insured.

Having “too much” insurance seems like a good thing for accident victims, but it often creates more problems. Insurers make money by limiting or denying claims. Therefore, if more than one insurer is involved in the accident, each may try to deny their own liability and put the responsibility on others. And even when an insurance company does (reluctantly) accept responsibility, it may try to settle the claim for far less than what victims need and deserve.

As your attorneys, we will work hard to hold all liable parties accountable in order to maximize your recovery for medical bills, lost wages (due to time away from work), pain and suffering, and other losses.

Discuss Your Options With A Rideshare Accidents Attorney For Free

Accident Fighters, APC, has three office locations in Los Angeles County, and we proudly serve clients throughout Southern California. To tell us your story and discuss next steps during a free initial consultation, call us at 855-646-4878 or send us an email.