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When is it time for someone to stop driving?

Independence is often one of the most important things for a senior citizen. Oftentimes, they will want to continue to drive themselves around as long as possible. Some might even try to overlook the signs that it’s time to stop driving. 

Unfortunately, a person who drives when it’s no longer safe for them to do so is putting themselves in danger. They’re also putting others in danger. 

What are the signs that someone needs to stop driving?

The signs that it’s time to surrender a driver’s license can vary greatly. Anyone who’s driving has to be able to make split-second decisions and keep control of the vehicle. When a person’s mental or physical state doesn’t allow this, it’s time to stop driving. 

Sometimes, having a health assessment can provide valuable information for senior citizens about how able they are to drive. In some cases, the medications they take might also play a role in their abilities. Anything that makes them drowsy is contraindicated for driving, so they won’t be able to operate a vehicle safely if they’re taking that medication. 

Another warning sign that it’s time to stop driving is when a senior starts doing unsafe things when they drive. Forgetting where they’ve driven and not being able to follow traffic signs and signals are also signs. If they have any difficulties remembering to use a turn signal or maneuver the vehicle, it might be time to discuss handing over their driver’s license. 

What should you do after a car wreck?

Anyone who’s involved a car crash with a driver of any age should carefully evaluate the situation after the wreck. If there are any injuries, getting medical care must be a priority. An attorney can also help you obtain fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and more.