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One of the most dangerous holidays because of drunk driving is coming up

The summer is prime time for accidents caused by drunk drivers. What you may not realize is that drunk driving accidents follow a trend. They tend to happen a lot on holidays, and more specifically, on holidays in and around the summer months.

A motorist passes away after becoming entangled in an alcohol-related crash less than once every hour nationwide. This equates to 37,000 yearly fatalities — most of which occur on holidays when people are off work, traveling to be with family or friends and often engaged in festivities that involve alcohol.

Are some holidays more dangerous than others?

July 4th is the holiday when the most alcohol-related accidents occur. New Year’s Day takes second place. Memorial Day, President’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day and Columbus Day round up the pack for the most dangerous holidays.

How many motorist fatalities occur on holidays compared to other days?

An average of 25 motorists lose their lives in crashes every day. The number of fatalities increases to around 130 on holidays. Drunk driving is the leading cause of these accidents. Safety analysts also point to an uptick in motorists on the road — particularly inexperienced teen drivers — as the reason there’s an uptick in fatal crashes around July 4th.

Do you know your rights if a drunk driver injures you?

Many motorists aren’t fortunate enough to survive crashes with intoxicated or reckless motorists. If you or a loved one has been injured by a driver who was under the influence, you may find it helpful to continue browsing the information about car accidents on our website to learn more about your right to compensation for your expenses and damages.