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The hidden dangers of pools and spas

Whether you are staying in a resort with a seaside pool, are visiting a friend for an afternoon poolside in their backyard or you have your own in-ground pool or spa, there are dangers associated with these amenities of which you may be unaware.

As the motto goes, better safe than sorry, so learn a little bit about some of the less obvious dangers that you might face on your afternoon swim or a soak in a hot tub.

Drain entrapment can quickly turn fatal

One of the most dangerous aspects of spas and pools is the possibility of drain entrapment. This can occur when hair, clothing or body parts get sucked into or attached by suction to the filtration system drains of the spa or pool. This can result in drowning or death by evisceration. Older swimming pools may not be up to code and present most of these hazards, but even in newer pools, if one or more components of the suction and filtration system have broken, all swimmers and bathers are at risk.

Improper electrical grounding

Pool lights can add a welcome ambiance for night swimming but can also add incredible dangers if the lights are not grounded properly. A tear or rip in a pool liner can allow leaks that could cause a swimmer to be electrocuted.

What to do if you are injured in someone else’s pool or hot tub

Your host has a duty of care to maintain their premises to keep their guests safe while using their amenities. This applies whether the pool is at a hotel or on your next-door neighbor’s property. You will need to make a claim for damages to the person or entity that is liable for your injuries, damages and losses