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Does irritability mean someone has a TBI? 

There are many cases where even a serious injury doesn’t have the symptoms that you’d expect. A loved one may suffer a brain injury in a car accident, for instance, and seem to recover quickly. They won’t have lost any skills, they’ll appear physically healthy, and you may not even realize the extent of the issue. 

However, you’ll feel like they are always irritable and have a short fuse. When any little thing goes wrong, they become furious. They may not notice the changes, but you do. Was there a TBI that was missed or that is worse than you thought? 

Irritability is a common symptom of brain injuries

The issue of irritability after a traumatic brain injury is incredibly common, impacting up to 71% of people who have this injury. Sometimes, they’re just grumpy and hard to be around. Other times, they seem excessively angry about things that really should not matter. In the worst cases, they can become combative and dangerous. 

This type of injury is harder to demonstrate than a physical injury, but it’s no less important. You may feel like you do not even know the person you married anymore. They may lose their job because their new personality makes them impossible to work with. They may need to go to therapy or get other types of treatment. 

Do you still need compensation?

All of this could be tied back to that initial car accident, the one you thought they got out of without serious injury. If so, it may be time for you and your family to look into your options to seek proper compensation for your injuries and losses. If you haven’t fully explored the possibility, now may be the time.