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Homeowners can be held liable for dangerous Halloween decorations

For some people, the end of Labor Day weekend means the beginning of Halloween decoration planning. We’ve all seen the homes where the owners have gone all out to create a Halloween attraction. 

However, when those homeowners aren’t careful, trick-or-treaters and those accompanying them can end up with serious injuries. Homeowners who cover their lawns with Halloween decorations can pose a danger to trick-or-treaters and those who accompany them. 

Lawn decorations can be an “attractive nuisance”

Typically, any homeowner whose home isn’t completely dark on Halloween is assumed to be inviting people to walk on their lawn (if it’s accessible) on Halloween night. Even in the weeks leading up to Halloween, a lawn filled with gravestones, skeletons, witches and other decorations is likely going to be considered an “attractive nuisance” that will invite children to explore.

Unfortunately, in their zeal to frighten and entertain, some homeowners don’t consider the possible risks posed by their decorations. For example, things that pop up randomly can scare people so much that they fall. Electrical cords and other objects can be tripping hazards – particularly if the area isn’t well lit.

Even scary costumes can cause injury to others

Even homeowners who answer the door in full monster or zombie regalia or with a bloody hatchet sticking out their head can frighten a child (or adult) so much that they injure themselves. Here in Los Angeles, people have access to the best costumes and make-up for Halloween. However, they need to be careful about just how realistic they want their look to be if people aren’t expecting it when they ring the doorbell.

There are plenty of dangers to look out for on Halloween if you’re trick-or-treating with your child. Most parents are extremely conscientious when crossing the street with their little princesses and superheroes in tow. Don’t let your guard down once you’re out of the street and on someone’s property.

If you or your child suffers injuries that you believe could or should have been prevented by a homeowner, their homeowners’ insurance may be able to cover your expenses and damages. If you have difficulty getting the compensation you need, it may be wise to seek legal guidance.