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How do slip and fall incidents usually occur in grocery stores?

If there’s one thing that most people have in common here in the U.S., it’s that everyone needs to head out to the grocery store at one time or another. 

Grocery stores are highly-trafficked businesses. They often seem poorly staffed depending on what time of the day you try and visit one. This understaffing can give way to a hazardous situation emerging without anyone noticing that could result in a serious slip and fall

What types of hazards result in grocery store slips and falls?

Slips and falls may result after a shopper comes in contact with several hazards, including:

  • Any dropped products, such as coffee beans, or spilled substances, such as oils or cleaning solvents
  • Dirty, frayed or worn mats at entryways
  • Water from a defrosted freezer or spilled beverages from a self-serve fountain drink dispenser
  • Poorly laid or damaged floor tiles
  • Ladders, boxes or stocking carts obstructing customers’ paths in the aisles

These are only a few of the many different hazards you may encounter that may result in a slip-and-fall injury while visiting your local grocery store. 

What types of injuries may slip and fall incidents cause?

One of the biggest dangers that shoppers face if involved in a slip and fall at a grocery store is striking shelving as they go down. That may cause products (like canned goods, for example) to fall on top of them. A customer may also strike their head on shelving, resulting in lacerations and a severe brain injury in the process. It’s also possible for a grocery store customer to fracture bones as they fall. A head injury is also possible if a shopper is unable to break their fall. 

Almost every place of business has to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. You may have a valid reason for filing a claim against a store if they failed to minimize hazards and you ended up getting hurt.