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The 5 most common pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians are at risk whenever they are on or near the roads. Drivers may not always see them, and those drivers could then cause serious collisions.

There are several common causes of pedestrian accidents. Knowing about these may help you keep yourself safe as a pedestrian regardless of where you’re walking. The biggest dangers include:

1. Improper use of the roadway

Cyclists, motorcyclists and cars that end up on the sidewalk instead of the roadway could hit pedestrians.

2. Unmarked crosswalks

When crosswalks aren’t marked, intersections are more dangerous. Drivers may not realize that people intend to cross or that people will be in the roadway.

3. Left-hand turns

Drivers don’t always look before making a left-handed turn, or they may be distracted by looking in multiple directions to avoid a collision. Those in a crosswalk should always cross quickly and be aware of cross traffic.

4. Hybrid, battery-powered or electric cars

Hybrid, electric or battery-powered vehicles are so quiet that pedestrians may not hear them coming. They may enter the roadway even though a vehicle is approaching.

5. Electronics and distractions

Distractions put pedestrians at risk of being hit. Drivers who are distracted may not look at where they’re going or may not realize that someone has entered the roadway. Pedestrians who are distracted might not realize that a car is heading towards them.

These are five common causes of pedestrian accidents to be aware of. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, you have a right to look into seeking compensation for what you’ve been through. Please continue to review our website to learn more.