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Do you need a new car seat after a crash?

Protecting their children is ingrained in every parent. If you have a child who needs a car seat, you probably took great care in choosing one that you think will provide the best protection for them if you’re involved in a crash. Obviously, you hope that never happens, but you should be prepared in case it does.

One of the most important things to remember after a crash in your vehicle is that you’ll likely need to replace your child’s car seat. There are very few instances in which you can continue to use the same car seat after a crash.

Why does a car seat need to be replaced after a crash?

Any crash can weaken the car seat. It doesn’t matter whether the child was in the car seat or not. The impact and force of the crash can cause damage to the car seat. All manufacturers have standards of their own to help parents understand if the car seat needs to replace it.

Unless all of these points apply to the crash, you need to replace the car seat:

  • The car seat isn’t visibly damaged.
  • Nobody in your vehicle suffered injuries.
  • You drove the vehicle from the scene of the crash.
  • No airbags deployed.
  • The door nearest to the car seat wasn’t damaged.

The injuries that occupants of a vehicle can suffer in a crash are serious. Seeking medical care is imperative, especially for babies and toddlers who may not speak up about injuries. Ultimately, you may opt to seek compensation for the damages you suffered during the crash. California law sets strict standards for these cases, including time limits for getting the claim filed.