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Has your elbow been injured after a fall?

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur almost anywhere at any time. That’s what makes them so dangerous. When you fall, it’s a natural instinct to extend your arms in an attempt to brace yourself.

While this action can protect your head and facial area, your arms take the brunt of the force instead. This can result in injuries to the arms. One of the more painful arm injuries is when the elbows are damaged. Outlined below are some of the signs, symptoms and treatments for elbow injuries.

Signs of a fractured elbow

Sometimes, injuries can display themselves externally. You may have suffered an open wound by falling on something sharp, and it’s clear that you have a fractured bone. However, the signs of elbow fractures are not always immediately visible.

When working properly, your elbow should be able to bend. You should have no difficulty touching your nose or shoulder areas. You should also be able to fully extend your arm so that it is straight. If you’re having difficulty doing either of those things after a fall, your elbow could be fractured.

Numbness is also a sign of a problem

There are three major nerve systems that travel through your elbow. If these have been damaged, then you may feel a loss of sensation rather than pain. If you feel tingling or decreased sensation in your arms after an accident, it could be a sign that you have suffered nerve damage. Nerve damage can take lengthy medical treatment to repair. In more serious cases, this damage could be permanent.

If the negligence of another party has resulted in a fall, then you may be entitled to legal compensation. To pursue this, make sure you have a knowledgeable support network behind you each step of the way.