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Have you suffered facial injuries after a collision?

You’re a conscientious driver who always sets safety as a top priority. Sadly, this is often not enough. You cannot install your ethics into other road users.

There are numerous injuries a person can suffer after a road traffic collision. Facial injuries are among the most common. These can range from minor to severe. Outlined below are some of the more serious types of facial injuries.

Fractures to the nose

Your nose protrudes more than any other part of the face, which makes it susceptible to trauma during a crash. If this area collides with part of your car during a collision, then it is likely to be fractured. Nose fractures can be very painful, and can even impact a person’s breathing. It may take several months to recover as well as multiple surgeries to repair the damage.

Burn injuries

Cars are powered by fuel and electricity. These are efficient when everything is going as it should, but they become dangerous during a collision. It only takes one spark or fuel for flames to ignite. If you’re trapped in the vehicle and flames engulf the car, you’re likely to suffer from burn injuries. Serious burns can be life-threatening. Even if you do survive, you could be left with permanent scarring and a long road to recovery.

Any type of facial injury can cause excruciating pain. As your face is always on display, permanent scarring and disfigurement from a car accident can affect you psychologically as well. If the crash was caused by a negligent driver, then you should be able to claim legal compensation for both your physical and emotional suffering.