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Motorcycle tips for autumn in California

As the leaves begin to change, fall brings its own set of challenges for motorcyclists in California. From debris on the road to unpredictable weather, fall conditions require an extra layer of caution.

You can continue enjoying your motorcycle rides safely through autumn by staying aware and taking some essential precautions.

Yard debris can be more than an eyesore

California’s beautiful autumn scenery comes with a downside for motorcyclists: leaves and other yard debris on the road. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice, while sticks and other debris can impact your bike’s stability. Always keep an eye out for these hazards and reduce speed when you encounter them, especially on residential streets where leaf blowing is common.

Be aware of smoke from wildfires

Fall in California often coincides with wildfire season. The resulting smoke can drastically reduce visibility and degrade air quality, posing a serious risk for motorcyclists. There’s also a risk of wildlife fleeing from the fire coming onto roadways. If you smell smoke or see it in the distance, it’s best to reconsider your route or, if necessary, pull over until it’s safe to proceed.

Drivers may not be on the lookout for you

As the days get shorter and cooler, fewer motorcyclists are on the road. Consequently, drivers become less accustomed to looking for bikes. Be extra vigilant about making yourself visible. Consider bright clothing or reflective gear, especially during dawn and dusk, when visibility is often compromised.

Even if they follow common safety practices, motorcyclists may still be involved in crashes. If someone’s negligence causes the crash, the motorcyclist may seek compensation for the financial damages the wreck causes. This includes lost wages, medical bills and similar expenses.