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Motorcyclists are in grave danger on the roads

While many people think that motorcyclists disregard the law and drive in an unsafe manner, the exact opposite is usually true. The vast majority of motorcyclists are safe riders who just want to enjoy riding on the open road and get to their destination safely. 

It’s surprising to some people that one of the most significant hazards for motorcyclists is other drivers. Others motorists are at an increased risk of slamming into a motorcycle when they divert their attention away from them. This inattentiveness puts motorcyclists in grave danger, even when they’re riding safely.

What risks do motorcyclists face?

Some drivers don’t yield the right of way to motorcycles when they should. Their failure to do so results in around two-thirds of crashes that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle. Approximately 70% of collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles happen at intersections, partly because drivers might not look closely for motorcyclists.

A person on a motorcycle is five times more likely to suffer injuries and 26 times more likely to die in a crash than a person in a passenger vehicle. These injury and fatality rates have a lot to do with the protection that an automobile’s frame provides that a motorcycle lacks. 

Any motorcyclist who suffers an injury in a crash with another vehicle will likely need medical care. This health care can be costly, even if the injuries don’t seem that severe. Those motorcyclists might opt to pursue a claim for compensation to get those expenses covered. 

Besides seeking compensation for the current and future medical bills, they might also include damages for missed wages and other financial impacts of the crash.