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Social media activity could affect your personal injury claim

Sharing tidbits of life on social media has become very common. For many people, it’s a way to connect with friends, family and strangers — sharing everything from major life events to everyday moments. However, watching your social media activity amidst a personal injury claim is essential.

Insurance companies often conduct investigations before settling personal injury claims. They do this to assess the legitimacy of the claim, the circumstances surrounding the injuries and the extent of liability. The investigations may extend to your social media posts, which could potentially harm your claim.

Beware of what you share on social media

It helps to be mindful of what you share on social media when pursuing compensation for your personal injury claim. Even harmless posts can potentially be misunderstood or used out of context.

Pictures speak louder than words. If you claim you suffered serious physical injuries in an accident but post photos or updates showing you engaging in physically demanding activities after the incident, they could be used to challenge the severity of your injuries or the validity of your claim.

Similarly, a post related to your accident can lead to inaccurate conclusions about your role or contribution to it. This can have far-reaching effects on the compensation you can recover for your damages.

Consider taking a social media break

Remember, privacy settings might not be enough. What you share could end up in the wrong hands, even if your posts are limited to close friends. Even deleting posts might not erase the digital trail. Seeking legal guidance can help you avoid this and other pitfalls that can work against you during the claims process and protect your interests as you pursue a fair settlement.