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Was your wrist fractured in a bicycle accident? 

Cycling is a great way to get around. Many individuals cycle for fun and it is also becoming an increasingly popular way to commute to and from work. 

Sadly, there are some drawbacks. You’re going to have to share the road with cars and other vehicles at times and they are not always accommodating. You also don’t have the same levels of protection as them. If an accident occurs then you are going to come off worse. 

Wrist fractures are relatively common after bicycle accidents. What are the signs and symptoms of such injuries and how are they treated? 

Hairline fractures 

Sometimes, a fracture is little more than a crack in the bone. This doesn’t mean it’s not painful or harmful, but it might be harder to detect. After a bicycle accident, it’s in your best interests to get a thorough check-up from a doctor. They’ll be able to order an X-ray which should pick up hairline fractures. 

Open fractures 

There’s no mistaking an open fracture. This occurs when the bone breaks and protrudes through the skin. These injuries can be very painful as well as traumatic. It’s also possible that you’ll need surgery to reset the bone and initiate the recovery process. 

Shattered bones 

In serious cases, you may suffer multiple fractures in the same area of the wrist. These injuries can be much more complex, as they frequently result in soft tissue and nerve damage. There’s also an increased risk of infections with these injuries. 

You shouldn’t be placed in undue danger when riding your bike. If a negligent driver has caused you harm, then you might be able to hold them to account. Seeking assistance from someone with experience in the field of personal injury law will clarify your options.