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Medical evidence can help your personal injury claim

When you suffer an accident from another person’s negligence, a visit to the doctor should be among your top priorities. It could be a minor car crash or a slip-and-fall accident where your injuries may not be too apparent. Still, the importance of a doctor’s visit cannot be overstated.

Besides ensuring your physical wellbeing, a medical report can go a long way in helping you get the compensation you deserve. It could make or break your claim, as explained below.

A doctor’s report can explain the nature of your injuries

Were your injuries pre-existing? Did you really fracture your leg, or was it just a sprain? There may be several uncertainties about your injuries without a medical report. Insurers can use the lack of information to downplay the extent of your injuries and minimize the settlement.

Having formal documentation of your injuries can also help shed light on the circumstances that led to your accident. For instance, medical tests can show that you were not intoxicated when the accident happened.

Proving damages will be easier with medical evidence

Suppose you claim you cannot work due to the injuries you sustained from the crash. In such a case, you will need to back that up. A doctor’s statement on how your injuries might impede your ability to work will lend credence to your claim.

In addition, assessing some damages, such as the mental anguish or pain and suffering you endured due to your injuries, may be impossible without medical evidence.

Protect your legal rights after an accident

You are entitled to just compensation if you suffered injuries because of the negligence of another party or entity. Medical evidence can only add to your chances of getting the settlement you deserve.

However, you still need to present a strong case for a successful outcome, something an experienced legal team can help you with.