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Should you stay off social media after a crash?

First, it was the town square. Then, it was the office water cooler. Nowadays, people turn to social media to vent their general frustrations and learn the news of the day. Partially due to this reality, being told to stay off social media for a time can feel like a genuinely difficult task. Yet, if you have recently been hurt as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you should strongly consider heeding this guidance.

If you’re unable to stay off of social media until your case fully resolves – for whatever reason – you will, at minimum, want to take great care when posting anything online right now. 

Key considerations about social media

Car accident victims should exercise caution and (ideally) stay off social media for several important reasons:

  • Preserving privacy and personal information: Insurance companies, investigators or opposing parties may scour social media profiles to gather evidence or challenge the validity of the victim’s claims. By refraining from posting about the accident, victims can protect their privacy and prevent potential complications.
  • Misinterpretation and damaging statements: Social media posts can be easily misinterpreted or misconstrued. Even innocent or harmless comments can be twisted and used against the victim. Insurance adjusters or defense attorneys may try to discredit the victim’s injuries or claim inconsistencies based on their social media activity.
  • The impact on compensation claims: Social media posts can have a significant impact on compensation claims. Photos or updates showing the victim engaged in physical activities or enjoying social events may be used to argue that their injuries are not as severe as claimed. Insurance companies may try to downplay the victim’s pain and suffering based on social media evidence. 

If you have any specific concerns regarding this subject, know that seeking legal guidance related to managing social media and protecting your rights during the legal process is always an option.