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2 common causes of distracted driving

People suffer from car accidents for many reasons, such as speeding, aggression, turn signal neglect and drunkenness. One of the biggest reasons people experience auto accidents is distracted driving. 

People become distracted all of the time, which is not often immediately noticeable. In other words, distracted driving is often a hidden danger that many drivers overlook and is incredibly dangerous. A driving distraction happens whenever a driver takes their eyes off of the road, hands off of the wheel or minds off of driving.

Many distracted driving accidents happen for similar reasons. Here are a few causes of distracted driving: 

Texts and calls

The main cause of distracted driving is phones. Nearly every driver has a phone. People may have phones by their side or on a phone holder or use their cars as phones. Either way, using a phone while driving is dangerous. 

The reason why texting is so dangerous and distracting is that it requires drivers to look away from the road to read what other people sent them. Then, drivers may attempt to reply back, which often takes more priority than driving. Drivers who are talking on the phone may be cognitively distracted and focus more on the conversation than their surroundings.  

Food and drink

Many people eat and drink while driving after going through fast-food restaurants. Eating and drinking typically require the use of both hands. Drivers may try to multitask by driving while unwrapping their meals or fishing through bags for food. 

A driver may experience additional distractions because of their food. For example, a driver may spill their meal or drink and a sudden reaction could end up causing a car accident. 

Distracted driving accidents can cause serious and fatal injuries. If you’re a victim of distracted driving, it can help to learn about your legal rights.