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What to do after a car accident

Many drivers, like yourself, may be safe drivers and never expect to be in a car accident.

However, an accident can happen at any time. It may help to be prepared for a car accident and know what you should do:

Call the police and report the accident

You should call the police immediately after an accident. The police should arrive at the accident and ask each driver what happened. Then the officer should make a report. This report may be necessary if there are any issues regarding the accident and to help insurance companies determine fault.

Many drivers will try to convince others to not call the police. However, drivers who don’t report accidents may face license suspension, fines and incarceration if there are injuries or death. Furthermore, if you don’t make a report to the police, the other driver could report a hit-and-run.

Get a medical examination

A paramedic should also be called to the accident to examine you for injuries. Drivers that aren’t seriously injured may dismiss the medical help. However, it may be in the best interest of drivers to get checked out even if there are only minor bruises and cuts.

A medical report could be useful if you start to develop signs of hidden injuries. A hidden injury could include concussions, internal bleeding, broken bones and brain injuries, which could lead to large medical bills. Hidden injuries are often masked by the sudden adrenaline people experience shortly after an accident. 

Take photos 

It may help to take pictures of an accident when possible. You may want to take pictures of each vehicle’s license plate, the damage done to each vehicle, where the accident happened and any injuries. This evidence could be useful if your insurance company asks for more information. Or, you may need to use these pictures if the other driver is understating or overstating damages and injuries. 

Understand your legal options

A lot can happen after a car accident. If you’re facing injuries, damages and losses and need compensation, then it could help to understand your legal rights.